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Using the best attributes of traditional glass cutting, along with the latest technological innovations, VistaLight™ transforms light into an endless array of colored spectrums. Designed by award-winning artist, Rudy Nakai, VistaLight™ sculptures are the perfect complement for any setting. Using a fascinating new colorization technique, each optical crystal figure features separate prisms, each individually hand cut, ground and polished.

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"Barnegat Lighthouse, NJ" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Barnegat Lighthouse, NJ

CODE: V3001

Price: $128.00


"Diamond Head Lighthouse, HI" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Diamond Head Lighthouse, HI

CODE: V3004

Price: $128.00


"Cape Florida Lighthouse, FL" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Cape Florida Lighthouse, FL

CODE: V3008

Price: $128.00


"Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, NC" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, NC

CODE: V3009

Price: $128.00


"St. Augustine Lighthouse, FL" by CRYSTAL WORLD
St. Augustine Lighthouse, FL

CODE: V3011

Price: $128.00


"Palm Trees" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Palm Trees

CODE: V4002

Price: $389.00


"Blue Sailboat" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Blue Sailboat

CODE: V4001-BL

Price: $169.00


"Sankaty Head Light (Nantucket), MA" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Sankaty Head Light (Nantucket), MA

CODE: V3013

Price: $128.00


"Small Blue Sailboat" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Small Blue Sailboat


Price: $129.00


St. Simons Lighthouse, GA

CODE: V3017

Price: $128.00


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