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Crystal Garden

"Crystal Garden" by CRYSTAL WORLD

Crystal Garden Collection

CRYSTAL WORLD's Crystal Garden Collection features fine crystal decorative sculptures that are certain to please any flower or plant lover. Explore delicate crystal roses, tulips, orchids, african violets, daffodils and more. These striking crystal collectibles will make perfect gifts for any flower lover, crystal lover or the incurably romantic. Each crystal figurine is beautfully crafted from the finest, full-cut faceted crystal.


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"Poinsettia" by CRYSTAL WORLD

CODE: 1102

Price: $69.00


"Baby Bird Bath" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Baby Birds Bath

CODE: 1231

Price: $61.00


"Friendship Bouquet" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Friendship Bouquet

CODE: 1045

Price: $55.00


"Daffodils" by CRYSTAL WORLD

CODE: 1046

Price: $65.00


"Angel Heart Orchid" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Angel Heart Orchid

CODE: 1109

Price: $74.00


"Art Shade Orchid" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Art Shade Orchid

CODE: 1110

Price: $69.00


"Cyclamen" by CRYSTAL WORLD

CODE: 1144

Price: $69.00


"Tulip Trio" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Tulip Trio

CODE: 1164

Price: $79.00


Dogwood Flower

CODE: 1062

Price: $49.00


"Hyacinth" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Hyacinth - Pink

CODE: 1048-PK

Price: $58.00


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