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"Wildlife" by CRYSTAL WORLD

Wildlife Collection

CRYSTAL WORLD's Wildlife Collection features fine crystal decorative sculptures of stunning eagles, elephants, mustang horses, penguins, owls, turtles and frogs. These striking crystal collectibles will make perfect gifts for any wildlife or nature lover. Each beautiful crystal figurine is crafted from the finest, full-cut faceted crystal.

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"Freddy Frog" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Freddy Frog

CODE: 0932

Price: $39.00


"Freida Frog" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Frieda Frog

CODE: 0933

Price: $46.00


"Mama Penguin" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Mama Penguin

CODE: 3008

Price: $139.00


"Penguin Chick" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Penguin Chick

CODE: 3009

Price: $89.00


POLAR BEAR CUB collectible crystal figurine by CRYSTAL WORLD
Polar Bear Cub

CODE: 1171

Price: $44.00


"Turtle Trio" by CRYSTAL WORLD

CODE: 1178

Price: $73.00


"Crystal Peacock"
Crystal Peacock

CODE: 1188

Price: $46.00


Lg. Hoot

CODE: 1217

Price: $86.00



CODE: 1220

Price: $56.00