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Puppies, Kitties & Friends

"Puppies, Kitties & Friends" by CRYSTAL WORLD

Puppies, Kitties & Friends

Here, kitty, kitty! Oh how we love our pets and their whimsical ways. "Puppies, Kitties and Friends" by CRYSTAL WORLD honors our four legged friends and the ways they bring joy to our lives. Featuring charming replicas of cats, dogs, frogs and the occasional mouse, this popular collection is certain to please. Each striking crystal figurine is crafted from the finest, full-cut faceted crystal. Note the personality in each crystal collectible that CRYSTAL WORLD has become world-renowned for.


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"Curious Cat" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Curious Cat

CODE: 0679

Price: $69.00


"Puppy-Gram" by CRYSTAL WORLD

CODE: 0866

Price: $65.00


"Freddy Frog" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Freddy Frog

CODE: 0932

Price: $39.00


"Freida Frog" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Frieda Frog

CODE: 0933

Price: $46.00


"Mice Dreams" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Mice Dreams

CODE: 1113

Price: $54.00


"Peggy Pig" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Peggy Pig

CODE: 1168

Price: $32.00



CODE: 1183

Price: $59.00


Chillin Otter
Chillin Otter

CODE: 1196

Price: $59.00


Bluebird on Diamond
Bluebird on Diamond

CODE: 1209

Price: $59.00


Butterfly on Diamond
Butterfly on Diamond

CODE: 1210

Price: $59.00


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