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Gifts of Distinction

"Gifts of Distinction" by CRYSTAL WORLD

Gifts of Distinction

CRYSTAL WORLD's Gifts of Distinction features fine crystal decorative sculptures that are certain to please the most discriminating tastes, including striking New York & Washington, DC landmarks, holiday treasures, crystal cruise ships, gaming collectibles, patriotic gifts, nostalgic memories and Native American symbols. These wonderful crystal collectibles will make perfect gifts for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. Each stunning crystal figurine is crafted from the finest, full-cut faceted crystal.


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Large Slot Machine

CODE: 0706

Price: $89.00


"Super Slot Machine" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Super Slot Machine

CODE: 0706-XL

Price: $295.00


"Washington Monument" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Washington Monument

CODE: 0976

Price: $85.00


"Totem Pole" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Totem Pole

CODE: 1007

Price: $89.00


"Small Totem Pole" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Small Totem Pole

CODE: 1007-S

Price: $55.00


"Mini Empire State Building w/ Windows" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Mini Empire State Bldg. w/ Windows

CODE: 0823

Price: $75.00


"Lady Liberty" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Lady Liberty

CODE: 1017

Price: $99.00


"Lady Liberty w/ Colored Base" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Lady Liberty w/ Colored Base

CODE: 1017-MV

Price: $99.00


"Mini Lady Liberty" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Mini Lady Liberty

CODE: 1108

Price: $49.00


"Patriotic Teddy" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Patriotic Teddy

CODE: 0746

Price: $39.00


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