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Native American Heritage

"Native American Heritage" by CRYSTAL WORLD

Native American Treasures

Dating back hundreds, if not thousands of years, the mis-named totem poles of the Pacific Northwest Native Americans are, in fact, not totemic in nature. Heraldic in purpose, they feature designs of bears, birds, frogs, people, and supernatural beings, that function as family or chiefly crests and to recount stories. "Native American Treasures" by CRYSTAL WORLD feature stunning crystal collectible replicas of these historic artifacts. These stunning crystal figurines will make ideal gifts for anyone interested in Native American culture.

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"Totem Pole" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Totem Pole

CODE: 1007

Price: $89.00


"Small Totem Pole" by CRYSTAL WORLD
Small Totem Pole

CODE: 1007-S

Price: $55.00


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