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Crystal and Its Care


Crystal Facts

Crystal is essentially glass that is produced with lead oxide. Lead content makes the crystal dense, yet softer than normal non-leaded glass. The higher density produces better quality light refraction, resulting in exceptional color and brilliance. The added softness allows for sharper facets in the design of a crystal prism. Recent developments in crystal technology have inspired the creation of "lead-free" optical crystal. Crystal World's VistaLight and Artista collections are created from optical crystal. Crystal World's Classic and Peanuts collections are created with traditional leaded crystal.

How Crystal World Figurines are Made

Each crystal figurine is designed by our creative design team using the finest, full-cut faceted crystal. Various items feature accents, such as blown glass. Each crystal figurine is composed of numerous faceted components, which are hand-cut, polished, and assembled with a special glue that sets clear under ultraviolet light. The crystal used to create Crystal World collectibles is supplied by various vendors from around the world. Certain raw materials are supplied by Swarovski. Crystal World's Classic, Peanuts and Artista collections are assembled in the United States. VistaLight is assembled in China.

Design studios, production facilities and showroom are located in S. Hackensack, NJ. Call 1-800-445-4251 or e-mail for showroom hours, directions and information.

Taking Care of Crystal

It is important to keep your crystal figurines and display cases free from fingerprints and smudges. The best way to clean crystal is with a soft dry cloth or Micro-Fiber glove. If necessary, use a small amount of glass cleaner on the cloth and wipe gently.

Do not submerge crystal items in water or spray a liquid cleaner directly on crystal figurines. The use of liquid cleaners on crystal figurines may affect the gluing process, particularly on colored items.

Displaying Crystal

A Halogen-lit showcase or cabinet is recommended to dramatize the beauty and brilliance of crystal. It is not advisable to display crystal in direct sunlight, as it could weaken the adhesive and cause subtle damage. It is recommended to display castles or items with colored bases below eye-level to achieve maximum color refraction.


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